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How to divide Perennials: Before getting down in the dirt, the first thing that must happen is that the plant has to be prepared properly. To do this choose a cool, cloudy day to replant. If the ground is dry then thorougly soak the soil around the plant. Gather your other tools while the water drains through the soil. The easiest thing to do from that point would be to dig up the entire clump then divide it after the larger clump is dug out. Gently let the sections fall apart or split by force if need be.

How to prevent garden diseases: The easiest way to prevent garden disease is to choose plants that are naturally resilient. Tomoates that end with V, F, or T in the names. Water the soil, not the foilage. Apply mulch, many soil-borne diseases can be thwarted with a layer of mulch which will prevent soil from splashing onto leaves. Another great way to avoid garden disease is to rotate annual crops.

How to divide prune a rose shrub: Though beautiful, every rose has it's thorns. And injury is the last thing that should be inflicted while enjoying your garden. Prune the garden with the proper equiptment including gloves, glasses, bleach, and water. Reach for a cane that is protuding more than others so it's easily reached. Cut at a 45 degree angle and remove spent flowers or peatles.