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Start An Organic Garden

Starting your own garden can be a ton of fun, just make sure you also have a lot of guidance in your gardening adventure. Organic gardens are currently all the rage. Not only is in a hip current trend, starting your own organic garden also has many benefits for you and the earth. After all, what could be more tasty than food made with fresh herbs?

First, prepare your soil properly, just like us the soil needs food too.

Every garden benefits from compost. And, you can make your own for free! So why not learn how at our learning center?

Choose the right plants. Certain plants work better in certain areas.

Plant crops in wide beds so that they have plenty of room to grow.

Proper watering. The best time to water your garden is in the morning.

Even though it's not fun, WEED!

Protect your plants from disease and bugs through healthy garden practices and without toxic pesticides.