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Improve Your Soil

Sometimes gardening can be a challenge. Especially if the soil isn't proper or ready to have new life planted within. Luckily, usually no matter what your location or the weather conditions there is a way to change and improve your soil to yield better results. Improving clay soil is often one of the most asked questions, so let us tell you how it's done!

Sadly, we aren't blessed with our own choice in soil but that does not mean that the soil we do have can't be improved. Improve your soil by first testing the texture. By testing the texture you are able to find out the type of soil you have. Apply moisture to the clay and roll it into a ball, then, smash it down into a flat ribbon. Less than an inch long before breaking means loam or silt. An inch to two inches is clay loam and anything after two inches is pure clay. Now, before getting discouraged remember when improving your soil clay is a more promising soil than others.

Remember to improve your soil use quality compost to combine with your clay, keep it well hydrated, and massaged.